Mission, Vision, and Values

We, the members of Hillside Community Church recognize that we are unique.  We choose to affiliate ourselves with the PAOC for accountability, support and stability, yet we are part of a larger body of believers which crosses denominational boundaries.

Our Mission

To bring the message of God’s gift of grace, salvation, restoration, and eternal life through Jesus Christ to a lost and broken world and make disciples.

Our Vision

We are committed to being a genuine, loving community of believers, filled with the Holy Spirit and passionately following Jesus Christ.  Our love for God and humanity compels us to share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ locally and around the world.

Our Values

    • We value helping people to find genuine, saving faith in Jesus Christ; 
    • We value spiritual growth in people conforming to the character of Jesus Christ;
    • We value the Bible as the inerrant word of God and look to it as our standard for living;
    • We value prayer and developing an intimate relationship with God through worship;
    • We value God’s call to serve others; 
    • We value growing in loving and meaningful relationships; 
    • We value the Holy Spirit’s activity in the life of the Church; 
    • We value a culture of peace, joy, encouragement and hope; 
    • We value unity in the Church expressed in diversity.